“The value of a strategy, and its execution, is measured by results. David’s Product Launch and Digital Marketing efforts have exceeded my expectations and driven my new brand and product line to become a Top-Ten Seller on Amazon in only 10 months from launch.  David is an invaluable business partner and I’ve committed to making sure he stays involved in my business on an ongoing basis.”

Sjoerd Brink
Founder, Gypsy Color

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“David was able to quickly deliver on our challenge. He outlined a licensing strategy which allowed us to confidently price and negotiate licensing agreements with many websites. His approach didn’t cannibalize our B2B subscription business nor dilute the value of other licensing agreements–a very smart plan. He was also effective at executing his plan by taking the lead in qualifying and negotiating new licensing agreements. He was the exact right hire for the challenge.”

Arnie Weissmann
Founder, WTR

“David’s contributions to our business were invaluable. He led us to the next level in our B2B direct marketing and sales efforts, exactly where we needed to be to stay competitive.

Rudy Rodriguez
Owner, Infotec